Oct 152013

There may well be corporates or institutions that nurture people and relationships. I mean, you do hear tell and read stories of cases. But…I am afraid I have never encountered one and am unlikely to ever do so.

I have to admit though, it’s probably me as well. I am, unfortunately for all those who advocate otherwise, most definitely not a team player. That’s just who I am, no apologies!

At 45 I have to admit being totally disillusioned with the whole system. Not enough so to quit tomorrow and live the rest of my years under a bridge, but certainly to the level of knowing when enough is enough. Life has been good to me, that’s for sure. Even being who I am I have, at least up until now, never been without a decently paying job. My earnings have also generally, barring the 2007/2008 fiasco, kept increasing steadily over the years. That, together with a lot of hard work by me and Sands.

Why? Because, despite all my ‘faults’, I’m good at what I do. Too good for them to ‘fire’ me on trivialities such as ‘not a team player’ and other inconsequential things.

I went for a job interview the other day, a job I don’t think I’ll get because knowing this specific corporate, they won’t have the budget. But I went anyway because, at this stage of life, it’s all about maximising my current earnings. Nothing else matters since I have not, and don’t believe I ever will, find happiness in a career working for the ‘man’. So while I still can and do earn, it’s my duty to make sure I’m getting the best deal for me and mine.

But, our eyes are firmly fixed on the goal of moving life and the yacht down to Glencairn. When the interviewer asks “Where do you see yourself in five years time?” I bite my tongue and reply “I don’t know.” Not true! I know very well, but for him, that would be the wrong answer, a negative on the interview score-sheet.

I’m enjoying a read by Lin Pardey called “Bull Canyon” at the moment. The people who choose to build and live aboard small yachts are just one of many that appeal to me – maybe some because of the sailing, but certainly because of their attitudes and approach to life. Small budgets can indeed make big dreams come true. You just need to be willing to sacrifice, to put in sweat equity and to never give up, no matter what roadblocks are put in your path.

Here’s to “One day closer to being far, far away” !!

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