Jul 022014

“If you intend to successfully manage your personal finances, you have to make more right choices than wrong ones over the long march of time. – LenPenzo.com”

Too true. I haven’t always made good choices [aka cars] but fortunately we seem to have made ‘enough’ of the right choices. (And, if I’m honest, I’ve narrowly averted some potentially very poor choices of late aka Lancia & MX-5)

I look at Joe [not his real name] and it pains me. It really seems he is living my life all over again, unhappy and wants something better, but cannot. Seriously, there are so many parallels it’s frightening! We had an open conversation yesterday – where I hope he understands it’s not about me boasting to him, but trying to let him know it’ll be OK.

Why do I take the time, make the effort you ask? Well because I care. Money can always be made but time can never be recovered. A day spent unhappy today is a day wasted [listen to me preaching but not walking the talk ??] And if I can save him years of unhappiness [the same years that it took me to realise and get to a fairly/reasonably happy place while I work toward ER] then wow, what a contribution I have actually made to someone’s life.

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink ………….!  But, that’s no reason not to try!

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