Dec 312017

The goal oriented, forward looking, growth mentality of the modern world is a two-edged sword me thinks.

Yes, I enjoy the marvels of the modern world. Technological advances mean we have the potential to a quality of life so far removed from a hundred, even fifty years back, it’s just astounding.

But I don’t know if we’ve handled it too well as a species. We seem to always be looking to tomorrow, planning the next big thing, all the while neglecting to really live and enjoy today. The electronic toy we buy today is obsolete tomorrow and the landfill bursts to overflowing with perfectly functional machines, discarded in the rush for the next big thing.

Perhaps, without that drive, we wouldn’t have the marvels we have today? Perhaps, without the endless stream of new and improved gadgets and the consumer mentality fueling their production, we would be back fifty years? Who knows?

The trick is, I think, to not get caught up in the endless bigger, faster, more mentality by default. It’s fine to desire and acquire cool toys – if you put them to productive use. At least that’s my take on things.

But also remember that the more you take on in life, the more you have to maintain – both physically and emotionally. That on it’s own is enough reason to strive for simplicity in all things.


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