Jan 122015

Listening to one of the young ladies at lunch yesterday in a discussion about how she typically has work commitments during the weekends. “To be honest I get bored if I don’t have something to do” and so it’s OK, justified to herself.

Man. That is so far from where my mind is at these days.

Firstly, It means you don’t have a life outside work. The fact that you have nothing to do if you’re not working means you really haven’t a life, haven’t spent the time to understand yourself and find activities you feel are worth your energy. Secondly, you’ve made a pact with the devil to actually not use the spare to explore and discover, thus locking yourself into an endless cycle.

Work! Damn it. It’s easy to get used to the money but is it worth it?

I’m looking at this week and trying to find an evening when a visit to the boat would be possible. Nothing. Early morning meetings, late afternoon returns from site visits. The job has consumed my week before it’s even begun.

Mmmm! Keep working the plan!!

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