Apr 212013

It’s not easy, and it may not even be possible, but I think it’s a worthy goal to strive for:


The world works in a certain way, or so it would have you believe. It’s not easy to always ask WHY? It’s often the path of least resistance to ¬†just follow the flock, do what they do, defer to the collective ‘decision’ on how life should be lived.

It may be OK for some, but not for me. And so, this is where I will explore the many facets of life that interest me: family, success and happiness, work, sailing, simplicity, dogs, cats, debt freedom ……. you name it. If it interests me it may be discussed here and the results may not always be pretty or well organised. Tough. This is my space and I’ll say what I wish!

Oh, and one other thing [I hope]:

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