Jan 022014

Dear HR Manager,

Thanks for the sympathy and concern shown at the recent breakdown of my car. Your suggestion that: “According to local HR policy my odometer reading is way past what it should be and as such I am strongly urged to purchase a new vehicle as soon as possible in order to prevent future excessive maintenance costs” was very thoughtful and helpful.

As per your request that I seriously consider and implement this suggestion I have duly complied. So, after serious thought and deliberation my answer has to be – “No!

It’s my hard-earned bucket of cash and I’ll not be dictated to on how I should allocate it. The fair thing would be for you to define what you mean by “excessive”. After all, it cannot be anything more than a cost to company decision? So put a number on the table, let’s agree on it and take my vehicle off the company maintenance scheme.

Sincerely yours,

#1 team player.

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