Feb 162014


I’m thinking along the lines of having a new set of wheels built for ‘the Gorilla’, super strong, super light, disc-brake wheels. But the problem with having a high-end frame and components is when things wear out and need replacing it’s all to easy to buy cheaper and end up with a downgraded bike.

Why do I need disc brakes? I rode for years, pretty much continuously and aggressively, with the standard Vees. Sure, the world may have progressed, the technology dishing up superb stopping power but you don’t need to stop if you never get going in the first place do you!?

So forget about the spend. Just get back on the bike and ride !


The hills in this neighbourhood are high and long! 11km, 48min. Nothing epic but a good workout nonetheless. And the new pads are stopping me a treat. Beautiful morning out!

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