Dec 022013

Our home in Johannesburg has bulged over the years, bursting at the seams with stuff. You wouldn’t think so when you visit. The scene is always calm and ordered, everything in it’s place. But don’t open a cupboard – you’ll die in the avalanche of stuff.

It’s not that we’re not conscious of it, wish that it weren’t so. It’s just that that’s the way things seem to turn out….

The garage is the same. In the renovation, I acquired tools, tools that were useful at the time but are no longer regularly used. It’s a two-edged sword, this stuff thing. If one is careful and picky with what you acquire, sure to evaluate use, purpose and requirement before making a purchase, making sure that the ‘stuff’ is useful.

But the stuff grows never-the-less.

Having the ‘right’ stuff is useful. To give you an example – I lost my tender last weekend. Needed to go and collect it from a friendly soul that phoned it in. Needed a trailer and line to transport it back home for repairs. Cool thing was I had all the ‘stuff’ required, to collect and return, by myself, without having to organise anyone else to help. Having all that kind of stuff is useful, necessary even.

So I’m not against having [useful] ‘stuff’. But then there’s the useless ‘stuff’ … ! Stay away from that at all costs.

The appealing thing about Glencairn is that there are no cupboards. No garage. No big areas to store ‘stuff’. No cupboards means that everything must either have it’s place in the boss’s design or else it can not live there.

There is a real chance of simplicity there… long as we can avoid building a garage and installing cupboards !

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