Nov 212017

Another R500 supper at the local Steakhouse is behind us. The ribs were superb but it has to stop for several reasons. Firstly; there is no real value at R500 for only two people. It’s just a waste. Secondly; with no salary or cash coming in the door it makes sense to cut back on spending wherever possible. And cutting back in this area does not really affect quality of life.

I’m not sure the magnitude of what has happened has struck home yet for either of us. For the past 16 years I have had money trickle into my account each and every month without fail. Suddenly, and all because I can no longer take the pressure of being told what to do, all that is about to change. And to be honest, it’s a little unsettling.

The spreadsheet doesn’t lie. There will should be cash to live off for a while and so we’ll not starve in the short term. It’s more the longer term that concerns me. It’s hard not to feel that I’m setting us back in our efforts to live a cushy, comfortable and well-financed life.

It’s strange that feeling, because life in the corprate hell-hole has been exactly that for many years now – Hell! It’s not enough and certainly not for me anymore. This break is needed. Even if I end up taking another job again, I will take some time to sail now. Perhaps it will be good once I have this break behind me? Perhaps I’ll find another path, another way top add value and have the world and the universe provide?

In the back of my mind, always, are my kids. They aren’t really yet in a position to sustain their own lives. Surely my lack of staying power, my quitting will detrimentally affect them? Mmmm!? Perhaps. And perhaps this will add some urgency to their efforts? They are always welcome to live with us, always wanted. But for now the well of cash is about to experience a drought as severe as that of the Western Cape. It’s time to implement Level-5 restrictions.

And implementing level-5 restrictions is not so easy, not when the habits of years are at play. Never really having watched what we spend, now suddenly there is a very real need for it to be foremost in everyone’s minds. Mrs S. is working more than ever and as a result has cash to burn – and she’s burning it on the beach house for sure. Not sure she’s saving enough!? But that’s a discussion for another day since it has the potential to turn frictional.

I don’t exactly know where to from here?

There are currently two properties with the potential for generating income. That’s the most obvious starting point. Neither are ideal but then much of life seldom is perfect. It’s difficult [even for me] to think of all the work Mrs S. has put into both our homes and then think of renting them out. That’s why, finances aside, it better to first try and sell 253 outright. To think of some strangers, trashing our home – it’s a little uncomfortable to say the least. And it’s the same with Woodstone Cottage. Mrs S. has elevated the place out of the dump and made it a home of note. To now think of renting that out is difficult. But perhaps it must be done?

I like living here at 16deV. I don’t think that feeling is misplaced or misguided. All the things I [think I] love doing are here. Ocean Blue, kayaking, beach runs, cycling, mountains, ocean. The list goes on. While none of these things are particularly easy, especially the sailing, they are ultimately very rewarding. I’m not ready to give up on this dream of living here yet. Not until I have given it my very best effort.

So, in that regard the decision to quit, to push the corporate beast, it has been a good one. There can only be one outcome and that is to craft more time, much more time, for living down here. Already, just that decision has opened up an opportunity to cruise the boat a little in late February. I will still negotiate with SE but the outcome will be only one thing – a transition of life to Cape Town. Any ‘deal’ that they might offer is off the table unless they include this vital piece of “Living by the boat”. I don’t think they understand or are willing. I don’t think they will be able to get their heads around that. I also don’t buy into the statement “What you have done is anti-survivalist. Done the wrong way. You should rather have asked first.” That’s utter BS. In my experience, just quietly askling nicely in a beast like SE draws zero response or action. No. Shaking the cage like I have is, ands always has been, the best way.

So the die is cast. Everyone says to me “It will work out!” I want to believe them, desparately. Deep down I think I do believe them. But damn, it would be nice to know for sure.

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