Staying motivated, fired-up, innovative and creative. It’s hard on your own. You need to surround yourself with inspiration, with what Seth Godin calls a ‘tribe’ of like-minded individuals and groups. The list below are resources I find myself constantly referring to because of the quality and depth of the content, useful practical advice and tools that they offer. [Please note that there are some affiliate links to and on this page]

Project Management Specific Resources:

  •  PM Docs – If you’re looking for a template or insight into any area related to project management, this is the site to turn to. They have hundreds of free articles and templates easily found via their categories and search tool.  
  • The Lazy Project Manager – Learn the art of ‘Productive Laziness’. A misleading title to a blog dedicated on ensuring that you effectively address 20% of the stuff that brings you 80% of the results. Fit’s right in with the ethos of maverickPM!
  • The Project Shrink – Bas de Baar’s unique, quirky blog on life as a Project Manager. He writes on everyday experiences and relates these life lessons to the project mangement world

Living well in the world outside the corporate paradigm:

  • The Smart Passive Income Blog – Pat Flynn shares his online business models and strategy in a unique, honest and transparent blog that includes regular monthly updates of actual earnings and strategies. Most definitely worth many return reading hours. 
  • Jonathan Fields – Jonathan, a corporate legal slave in an earlier career, successfully left the corporate grind behind to create several real-world “brick-n-mortar” businesses. His blog tag-line “Conversations at the crossroads of work, play, entrepreneurship & life” reflect the content on his blog – a serious, serial entrepreneur with much valuable advice on how contibution and value-add to others result in living well in the world. I really enjoyed his book Career Renegade  (get it from either Amazon or Kalahari ) and would certainly highly recommend it! 
  • Seth Godin – Author, Entrpreneur and Marketing Guru. Seth has written many, many best-selling books and his blog is continually updated with cfreative, useful insights into marketing and providing value in the world. Some of his books I’d recommend are Linchpin (A K) and Tribes (A K).

Innovation, Creativity, Tools and Life Hacks:

  • TED – A huge collection of speakers and thought leaders on a vast range of subjects. Be inspired by innovative people addressing real-world issues. This site is a regular MUST!
  • Springwise – Springwise scans the globe for the most promising business ventures, ideas and concepts and presents them on their site. Maybe your next big regional or gloabal business idea will be sparked from here. 


Some of my other favourites, in no particular order:

  • Crossbolt –
  • Scott Dinsmore –
  • Leo Babuata –
  • Derek Sivers –
  • Jonathan Mead –
  • Corbett Barr –
  • Seth Godin –