Nov 132013

Weird thought you say, considering I’m only 45 at present.

Not so weird I say. Not if you want to live life deliberately and consciously.

So, assuming I’m blessed with making it to 70, here’s what it will look like:

  • I’ll be sailing, running, biking and kayaking with Sands regularly.
  • We’ll be living with a view, running a little self-built Small House B&B for non-Woolly Masses folk
  • We’ll still have regular and meaningful contact with B and Caz.
  • I’ll be enjoying the finest red’s the Cape has to offer, in moderation of course.
  • Life will be simple but meaningful. No TV, no consumerism.
  • We’ll have a gas stove, cooking fresh snoek, fresh salads and good homemade fare.
  • We’ll drive a beach buggy, topless.
  • We’ll be building a “tiny house” cabin on the back of the property

There are a couple of “heros” I’ve found that are worth modelling [some aspects of their lives at least]:

Nothing happens without a plan. Good habits and good health are essential to this future vision in the present. The habits formed today are the surest ‘certainty’ [if indeed there is such a thing in life] of giving that future a chance to happen. You don’t move it by the time 70 rolls around you’ve probably lost it.

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