Nov 132017

“They’re thinking of selling their Astove 31,” a friend tells me. “What’s the plan?” I reply. “Thinking to maybe one day head offshore” he muses. “What’s wrong with the Astove?” I wonder. Same thing holds true for dual-purpose motorcycles. If you don’t have at least 1000cc underneath you then you can’t possibly tour the remote [..Read the full story here..]

Nov 082017

24/7, 365 days a year. That appears to be the new regime’s expectation. It doesn’t leave much time or energy to further life’s important goals. It’s an important factor that needs to be considered in the “stay and suck it up” or “leave” debate.

Nov 052017

No matter which way I run the numbers there’s just not enough in the bucket right now to give all the world the middle finger and quit. There’s enough to give the current corporate the shove and live off savings until another income stream is found [32 months of FU-Fund as of today]. But certainly [..Read the full story here..]

Oct 222017

Markus awakes yet again to the cold sweat of fear. He finds himself in a long, dark corridor, right at the very end. No matter which way he looks, he can perceive but two options. Former colleagues, knives out and heads like snakes, block the return to a bright and cheery cubicle hell. Worse still, [..Read the full story here..]

Oct 072017
A Versys-X Adventure

Adventure? How do you define that? What springs to mind? Climbing Everest, free-diving in the open ocean, cycling around the world unsupported? Yes, those most definitely are adventurous souls out on big adventures but the fact of the matter is that all adventures are relative. If you spend your life chained to the cubicle, a [..Read the full story here..]

Sep 292017

If I’m totally honest I’ll need to admit to being unsure that I have what it takes to execute the plan. Perhaps I really am just an average sheep and should just confine myself to living the story scripted for the flock? And then I bump into people, people who have arrived on a boat [..Read the full story here..]

Sep 022017

Currently, the rage is “speculative investment” [i.e. gambling] in bitcoins. Mining them, buying/selling them. The “price” has been extremely volatile. In the last year or so it has risen ~800%, once again still compared to the USD. Had you only got in at the right time…..! And now the mad stampede of the woolly masses [..Read the full story here..]

Aug 272017

There are so many parts to the future life I dream of, so many things to do, to experience, to enjoy. Think sailing, snorkelling, hiking, 4×4, adventure touring on the motorcycle, mountain biking, boat projects, renovating and flipping, aquaponics, self-sufficiency, ….the list goes on and on. One of my failings is certainly too many irons [..Read the full story here..]