Jan 312018

A few things leapt out at me during a recent interaction: Our business is very dependant on our client’s shut-downs. We typically install and commission during the March-April Easter break and over the December Christmas/New Year period. Oh, and we often do smaller jobs on weekend shutdowns. This company is really good. It’s pensionable age [..Read the full story here..]

Jan 042018

Who are all those people on the freeway in the mornings? Come to think of it, at any time of the day? It may be different in your city, but somehow I’d be sceptical if you told me that. People rushing, driving fast, taking stupid risks to gain an ‘advantage’ over their fellow road user. [..Read the full story here..]

Jan 012018

Depending on the flock you listen to, breaking free from the corporate cubicle to self employment and entrepreneurship is the only viable path to wealth and contentment. Speaking with those that have done it solicits the common response “It’s hard work but I should have done it years ago. Don’t be afraid. Just do it. [..Read the full story here..]

Dec 302017

Freedom – another of life’s paradoxes. The freedom we’re talking of here assumes that you haven’t been captured by Somali pirates and you are living in a democratic, law-abiding, civilised society. Barring physical incarceration, the term freedom strikes me as being similar to another of life’s seemingly obvious but extremely hard to define terms – [..Read the full story here..]

Dec 292017

When we’re young our perception of time as a linear, even flat-line, progression has us believing in our own immortality. As we get older we begin to realise that time is actually an exponential race to the end, ones latter years ever-accelerating toward the finish line. And all the while our health, our vitality, our [..Read the full story here..]

Nov 302017

Life becomes interesting when theory turns to practice! It’s one thing to have an FU-Fund, hidden away in a financial institution somewhere, purely represented as numbers on a spreadsheet. It’s quite another to actually be deep into the process of cashing it in, preparing for a period of unemployment sabbatical from January 2018. I’m doing [..Read the full story here..]