Why Another Project Management Blog?


There are numerous project management businesses, websites and blogs out there. A quick search for “Project Management” returns >91 million results. Many of them are focussed on providing useful tools, checksheets, tips and techniques for you and your organisation to use in your project management efforts. Project Management is a recognised skill set that, even though some organisations don’t actively practice, at some level have an understanding that that is what they need to deliver corporate or client facing projects. As a result most of these traditional project management value propositions pander directly to the corporate mainstream – improved margins, less risk etc. There’s nothing really wrong with that I suppose, but there are millions of PM practices and blogs out there doing this. Millions of project managers all doing the same invisible, hard work.

At this point, let me ask a couple of questions.

“What if the corporate mantra of growth at all costs is not the only way?”

“What if the drive toward efficiency and increased margins are not the only things that are important in life?”

I certainly don’t have all the answers but I do believe that, in order to maintain your edge in the marketplace, you really need to strive towards being unique, different. Not for the sake of being different mind you, but different in a sense of standing out from the crowd. There is a thought in creative, entreprenerially minded circles that BECAUSE the rest of the flock do things a certain way, a key differentiator is to provide perhaps the same service or product but in a different way. i.e. Differentiate yourself, stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

Another couple of questions for you:

“Do all ‘entrepreneurs’ own and operate their own small businesses?”

“Is it possible to work in a large corporate and still be an ‘entrepreneur’?”


I suppose, if one sticks to the accepted deinition of the word, then ‘No’. But think about it. Just because you work for yourself doesn’t mean that you have escaped the 9-5 grind. You may still be just as enslaved to your clients, your bottom line, your continued revenue growth as when you worked in the corporate world. But, if you’re always conscious of better ways of doing things, of possibility and have the ability to put action plans in place to realise that possibility? So surely being an entrepreneur has more to do with one’s mindset that actually just enslaving oneself in another form, to another form of “boss”?

So yes, I could quit my corporate job and contract my PM services back in to the corporate world. Yes, I’d get paid a slightly higher hourly rate and, if the economy is going well, I would end up earning a better salary at year end. But I would still be limited to earning x Dollars for each hour and because I could not realistically work more than y hours in a day without risking burnout in the long term, my earnings potential is still restricted. I work 1hour, I get paid 1hour.

So, back to the Project Management theme in a corporate setting. If you’re looking for a tried and tested process, a toolbox full of checksheets and tricks-of-trade strictly following mainstream PM theory, then this site may not for you. The aim of this blog is really to get you thinking radically differently. Yes, traditional project management has much to commend it. Yes, corporations have gotten where they are because much current business practice is sound. But, man! Anyone in corporate life has got to be blind not to see the opportunity to do things better.

So this is a Project Management blog with a difference. A PM weilds great influence in the organisational context. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! You may not have formal power. You may not even have Executive Management buy-in but don’t let that discourage you. At the end of the day corporates need to get things done. Project Managers are the people who get things done! You weild more influence and power that you would ever believe. The real challenge is how do you tap into that? How do you market the value? How do you inspire others with innovative ideas and get them to run with them? That’s what this blog is about. How to do things differently, innovatively. Remember all the PM theory and tempates and tools. They are important! Then, Forget Them if you need to!! Do things differently. Achieve and create outstanding results!