Jul 022017

There’s a primal scream above 10,000 rpm as the X300 claws away from the lights and traffic, keeping pace with a Tiger and a GS12.

They’re probably not accellerating as hard as they could but neither are they slouching around and so it’s quite satisfying keeping up with them all the way from Broederstroom to Northgate, a distance of around 30km.

On the open road, free of traffic, there is no way I cruise with them but today the road is busy and it’s a revvy breeze.

The little Versys will run to 160, bumping up against the limiter. Not a cruising 160 but certainly enough space between the usual 120km/h cruising at 9,000 rpm to the red line to overtake when needed.

And the seat? It’s a little like a performance bicycle seat. If you aren’t used to it it hurts. But the more you ride, the more it no longer bothers.

Busy roads and zero gravel but good ride out to Harties anyway!

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