Oct 272013

By what I guess you could call “word-of-mouth” [or the internet equivalent of a mention and a link to a site] I stumbled upon a blog called artofhookie.org and have, with great interest been aimlessly browsing through the content and getting to know the author a little.

To quit, sell up everything and set sail on a new life with a couple of pennies in your pocket? On the one hand it is truly appealing. On the other a scary impossibility.

But I do often wonder how truthful people are. By that I don’t mean telling outright lies, I mean “Do they disclose everything?”. Sure he doesn’t have a job, a car, a house etc. But he has a girlfriend perhaps with those things? Maybe he’s a bank robber on the side, conveniently forgetting to tell us all how he funds his lifestyle.

Everyone has skeletons and not all of us are at the stage where we’re willing to bare all. In a tale such as his not disclosing all is very close to an outright lie if it gives the world a false impression?

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