May 142014

No matter what the mainstream marketing says, you do not need a fully kitted 4×4 to travel and experience off the beaten path adventure. You do not need the latest electronic fruit, a bigger TV, another pair of shoes. They play on the cubicle slave’s lack of ability to take time to travel and experience life. They sell the concept that to experience life you need stuff.  They play on the underlying unease, emptiness and lack of freedom.  To compensate, buy the kit, look the part. And the world capitulates and spends.

But it’s not true! There are plenty of adventurers travelling the far-flung corners of the globe in the most unlikely of 2wd vehicles and 125cc motorcycles.

No thanks. The stash is really better used to buy the freedom itself rather than the dream of the freedom.

And yet I cannot shake the need to buy another car or buggy. Damn.

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