Woolly Masses Theory


Like the dog [in ‘Babe’] said: “Pigs are not allowed in the kitchen because that’s just the way things are“.

And so the world works. From finance, to government, to corporate career, to business. You name it and there is always a “way things are“.

The easy, societal way out is to just accept it! Good, bad or indifferent, it doesn’t matter. Everyone else accepts it, so why not you? Thinking for yourself is hard. Why not leave it to ‘the experts’?

From the way we live, handle our finances, develop and follow career goals, conduct business, buy our toys, bring up our kids, follow our religion, deal with our unhappiness, enjoy our holidays. In anything and everything we do, we have the risk of being absorbed by the flock, of loosing our identity and freedom of choice. But, only if we forget the insidious nature of the flock.

So, you reckon you’re not part of the flock, the Woolly Masses then? No, you’re a non-mainstream rebel. A maverick. A strong-willed individual! And you’re not alone. There are thousands just like you raging against the machine. You’re not part of the flock at all.

Really!? You sure?

The flock takes on many forms. Us humans, we all gravitate to groups who are like us, who think like us. We want to fit in, we crave connection. And so we begin to talk like them, to think like them, to communicate like them. Soon we become part of their flock. A pack of wolves preying on the mainstream sheep is just another form of flock. A uniquely different flock for sure, but a flock non-the-less.

So, be on your guard! The flock WILL swallow you up and consume you.


 But only if you let it.

Choose your flock wisely and never stop questioning it! Ever!!