Freedom, Integrity, Tranquility


Freedom to live my life as I choose but mostly freedom to use my allotted time to further my own dreams and goals rather than those of the woolly masses.

Knowing what makes you happy and content. Knowing your values and living a life true to those things, consistently, despite the woolly masses. That’s Integrity.

Slowing down in this hectic modern world that always seems to be rushing to some unknown destination, frantic in case someone the other sheep beats them to who knows what. Living slowly, simply and without drama. Tranquility can be found in spite of the madness of the woolly masses.

Lets be clear – “I’m no expert!” No top-10 contender an any field, known or imaginable. No leader of a tribe. No guru of anything. And, shock-horror, I’ve no desire to be such. I’m just a normal [if that’s even possible] human like you, still alive as far as I can tell and just trying my best to make a ‘success‘ of this thing called life. [To put these ramblings in context you might wish to read more about me here.]

Too often the world woolly masses idolise only the top-10, the rich and famous, the outliers. Often, all you see is the “FaceBook” aspect of those people’s lives. The facade. The Marketing blurb that makes them look spectacular but that carefully avoids their flaws.

There’s no real learning from a perfect person with a perfect life.

The real learning is to be found in the places where real humans, living real lives, own up to their weaknesses and successes in equal measure.

The real learning takes place when ‘failures’ are understood and stories are shared about how tomorrow is made better despite the flaws of yesterday.

I’ve found great value over the last few years from real people who have shared their lives online. It’s helped me realise that I’m not strange, not weird. There are thousands who think and feel as I do. That’s a comforting feeling!

I spend so much time writing and thinking money and ‘personal finances’ you’d think I had some great interest in the topic. Wrong! Money is the lubricant that makes all of life possible. Money on it’s own per se holds no interest for me. I’ll admit though that I have zero desire to live under a bridge. That’s not the kind of freedom I’m after. As a result, much of what I write about, much of my daily thought, involves money and how it can move me toward the freedom I dream of.

I write because I find it helps me understand myself better.

I share my writing here because I’ve found inspiration and growth by reading and learning from others. Perhaps too, my very ordinary story will in turn be helpful to others.

Besides that, the one thing that interests me most is sailing.


I don’t allow comments on this ‘blog although this may change in the future. For now you’re welcome to drop me a mail – solesurchin [at] gmail [dot] com


Be careful when you follow the (woolly) masses. Sometimes the ‘m’ is silent.” – Unknown

Psychobabble – a form of speech or writing that uses psychological jargon, buzzwords, and esoteric language to create an impression of truth or plausibility. The term implies that the speaker or writer lacks the experience and understanding necessary for the proper use of psychological terms. Additionally, it may imply that the content of speech deviates markedly from common sense and good judgement. – You have been warned – this ‘blog may just all be Psychobabble!


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