Apr 082015

I spent this morning doing something I seldom do – reading the news online. I’m reminded why I seldom do!

While it’s never good to be a total ostrich [not really possible with the big issues in life such as corrupt politicians and power cuts] I see no sense in filling my head daily with what, in essence, amounts to an overdose of negativity.

One of the articles of this morning targeted the current power crisis in the country with an analysis of the causes and a postulation of the future actions needed to resolve the crisis. One of the suggested coming actions, besides ever escalating kWh charges, is an alarming increase in municipal rates to offset less electricity revenue to to high cost and unreliable supply.

This obviously affects everyone but more so the property investor with multiple rates bills.

And so, as usual, my thoughts turn to risk analysis and mitigation plans. How does one insulate oneself from this madness?

I think the answer is buffer, room to move, space between earnings and spending.

So what if the next radical and corrupt politician actually gets it right to nationalise all privately owned land and the banks? Or there’s a total economic meltdown and the banks fold with your buffer? What then? And the rabbit hole spirals endlessly downward…….!

See why I don’t do the news thing?

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