Oct 042011

The radio news this morning had a piece on the recent violent storms and tornados of yesterday where one person was killed, numerous others injured and homes destroyed. Some politician, visiting the scene of the devastation is horrified to find that the RDP houses that collapsed were not built to code.

So here’s a guess at what happened.

Building contractor secures order to build houses, to code. Small, basic houses to be sure, but definitely to code. Houses are slapped together as fast and as cheaply as possible. What idiot specified double external walls anyway? The people need these houses yesterday and anyway, the Gravy on the Gravy-Train is damn expensive. Those new Range Rovers don’t pay for themselves you know.

While this is pure speculation on my part of course, it does however provide a fitting real-world example of the need for tight quality control on your projects. While not every sub-standard project deliverable may endanger lives at the end of the day, there is always an implied commitment to provide acceptable value to your stakeholders. If you cannot supply acceptable value and quality within the project Scope:Time:Cost framework then ethically you should probably decline to be involved.

Easier said than done I suppose, but food for thought nevertheless.

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