Aug 102015

Someone lying, bleeding and broken on the floor. That’s an emergency.
An out-of-control brush fire threatening the house and the occupants. That’s an emergency.

It’s important to remember that most emergencies are actually not emergencies at all. The whatsapp notification on your smartphone, an eMail arriving in your inbox, a telephone ringing and demanding you drop everything to answer. None of these are emergencies. In all cases the party on the other side of the interruption has ways of leaving a message, knowing you’ll see it and return the call at a convenient time [if it’s important or relevant].

Oh yes, and the plant is standing and we’re loosing five-hundred-gazillion-million a second… my world that’s also not an emergency !

It pays to sit back and watch how ‘said emergency’ evolves a little before responding. That pause between stimulus and response often has the perceived emergency dissipate into just another task that needs doing during the normal course of life or business.

If you want to introduce more Tranquility into your life I’d recommend trying it.

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