Apr 202014

Despite the lack of wind any real wind this weekend, Ocean Blue still managed to fetch up in a tiny secluded bay just past First Weir on Friday evening. Under full sail all the way from PNYC to Stonehaven, under full Yanmar for the latter half of the journey.

The tiny little bay, barely big enough for the two yachts, dished up the most awesome sunset, followed 2 hours later by a blood-red moon. Awesome, awesome stuff.

Strider at anchor, 1st Weir

Strider at anchor, 1st Weir

For a change, with B and Stef as crew, at least I had different voices answering me during the evening.

So that bay would not have been my first choice. Really tight with nowhere to go or time to react if the wind did decide to blow up in the night. Without the forecast of nothing overnight I definitely would not have spent the entire night there.

But it all turned out OK. All perfectly calm and peaceful until Strider’s tender woke me at 4am with a 6kt easterly now blowing us into the bay and the waves slapping up under her bluff bow. Up and dressed I spent the next hour and a bit dozing in the cockpit, ready to weigh anchor and leave if necessary [such is the lot of the skipper I guess]. No matter. That means I added a majestic early sunrise to the weekend’s celestial sightings and also got to hear the faint cry of the Fish Eagle just before dawn.

The boat was a dream again as usual, the Yanmar chugging away at low revs and driving us back to the mooring at 4kts. Yet, I still have this niggle in the back of my mind, this sense of foreboding of all that can go wrong? Why? Have to guard against that and being over-prepared all the time, especially if it starts to impinge on enjoyment in the now while using the boat!

Easter 2014 1st Weir

Back home I discover the crew has left my brand new battery on the jetty. Damn! That’s R2k down the tubes. Good thing I have the oars working now. I won’t be replacing it any time soon.

I do need to schedule another visit very soon though. The potato salad forgotten on board is going to turn nasty if I can only get back there in 3 weeks after the Glencairn trip. Maybe a good reason to dust off the ZR7 and take a spin.

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