Jun 152013

There’s a continual temptation in life to cut corners, to do as little as possible, to take the path, that in the short term, seems easier.

Take my new backing plates for the cleats intended for the genoa sheets……



I hunted high and low for some stainless offcuts I knew I had lying around. Try as I might I couldn’t find them and a’ll the while, right there in plain sight on the workbench, were some perfectly sized pieces of aluminium crying out ” Use me m’Lord. Use me !”

Tempting. After all, stainless is a bugger to work and drill and I didn’t have the correct drill bits, let alone the pieces of steel themselves. Very tempting. But…… While using Al or even mild steel would make the job easy in the short term, long term nightmares of rust and corrosion lay in wait down that road.

Luckily I found what I was after and the plates are now cut to size. I resisted the temptation to dull my mild steel bits and the holes are waiting for the weekend after a visit to the hardware store.

As in many other areas of life it’s tempting to take a shortcut. Sometimes it’s better to just take things slow and do what you know is right !


The job is done. Well almost. All that remains is to mount the cleats on the yacht.

It’s done right! But it’s not cheap doing things right. The drill bits alone …….. !



The preparation off the water has paid off. It was an easy 30 minute job to install the cleats. then of course, it was necessary to cast off and give them a quick test sail.



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