Jan 132013

There are a group of heretics [those who’ve decided to not worship at the altar of the Round the Island Race] who have decided to cruise to Waterhaven on 2/3 Feb 2013. While most Vaal sailors will end up bleeding out the eardrums and toxing-up the livers in the pre-race revelry, others will be enjoying a quiet night at anchor, waking to the sound of the fish eagles.

If you’ve entered the race, then this cruise is not for you. If you were wanting to be out on the water and watch the action then Waterhaven is close enough that you can still up-anchor early on race morning and get to the south of the Island to watch the leaders sail by.

In preparation for the first cruise of 2013 and the first cruise on the new old boat, there is some information and light reading about the destination here.

Personally, I can’t wait. This will be the first test of the new ship at anchor. Bring on 2 Feb !!


PS: If you sail NW’ly from Vaaldraai you’ll end up aground or at PNYC. Sail NE’ly to Waterhaven from there! Hope all you qualified skippers noted that 🙂

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