May 222013

So I’m watching Bloomberg Business TV this morning, not because I’m particularly interested but because it’s about the only English language program on.

One of the current stories is how Apple have billions offshore and only pay 2% income tax in those locations, wait for it – legally! Sure, the governments back home are calling them unpatriotic and are putting on the pressure for them to bring the funds back home and be charged the going rate of 35%. Understandably, Apple are declining to do so.

But, contrast this with the average wage earner who is probably paying anything up to 40% in taxes [and that’s before sales tax, levies on fuel etc etc]. On top of that people are struggling to make ends meet, loosing jobs and homes. Prices continue to increase and governements continue to find new ways to extort more payments from the people.

Makes one think no?

I don’t know if it’s evil although it’s certainly not fair. All I know is I want less and less part of it as the days and years go by. The top priority is to remove any remaining dependancy on this system as much as possible. That means kill the debt and the wage-slave shackles. From there we’ll see…….

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