Jan 042018

Who are all those people on the freeway in the mornings? Come to think of it, at any time of the day?

It may be different in your city, but somehow I’d be sceptical if you told me that. People rushing, driving fast, taking stupid risks to gain an ‘advantage’ over their fellow road user. Looking at the behaviour on the roads there are a lot of important, successful people around. They all have to get to their destinations as fast as possible because…

The often-used ‘statistic’ is that 70% of all people are miserable in their jobs. I look at the behaviour on the roads on a weekday morning and I have to disagree. Most people love their jobs so much that they are always rushing to get there. Speeding, tailgating, taking stupid, life-threatening risks all in an effort to get to a place you are miserable at just doen’t make any sense to me.

So, the statistics must be wrong. If people really hated their jobs they wouldn’t risk life and limb rushing to get to them now would they?

One of the best things about this new direction life has taken is my new-found ability to avoid the morning rush.


Aug 102015

Someone lying, bleeding and broken on the floor. That’s an emergency.
An out-of-control brush fire threatening the house and the occupants. That’s an emergency.

It’s important to remember that most emergencies are actually not emergencies at all. The whatsapp notification on your smartphone, an eMail arriving in your inbox, a telephone ringing and demanding you drop everything to answer. None of these are emergencies. In all cases the party on the other side of the interruption has ways of leaving a message, knowing you’ll see it and return the call at a convenient time [if it’s important or relevant].

Oh yes, and the plant is standing and we’re loosing five-hundred-gazillion-million a second…..in my world that’s also not an emergency !

It pays to sit back and watch how ‘said emergency’ evolves a little before responding. That pause between stimulus and response often has the perceived emergency dissipate into just another task that needs doing during the normal course of life or business.

If you want to introduce more Tranquility into your life I’d recommend trying it.

Jun 132015

sunrise 2015.06.13

A panorama of False Bay With Glencairn Beach and Elsies Peak on the left to Glencairn Tidal Pool and in the distance Simons Town on the right. There’s sure not as much daylight here in the winter. This shot was around 8am and the sun currently sets at 6pm. Only an hour more light than Jhb in the winter.

Jan 062015

Took a 4-hour drive to the Ficksburg area to visit family last weekend. Away from the farm house the countryside is peaceful and beautiful.


Rock Art

San / Bushman Rock Art under the sandstone overhangs

Several man-made fortifications along the ridge

Several man-made fortifications along the ridge

This wild-eyed hare cried like a baby while being saved from the dogs

This wild-eyed hare cried like a baby while being saved from the dogs

Feeding the orphans. This is one strong little cow.

Feeding the orphans. This is one strong little cow.

An old Toyota Hilux converted with tank and pump for crop spraying

An old Toyota Hilux converted with tank and pump for crop spraying




Dec 162014

The early morning Ocean seems cold and gray and some wispy, weeny, dirty clouds scud past a gloomy and formidable Elsies peak, driven on a chilly SE’Iy. It’s all an illusion though as the Summer sun begins it rise in the Eastern sky.

The Owls are gently hooting, putting to bed for the day while the Hadedah’s are up, on passage to whenever it is they go. The distant crashing of the surf on Glencairn beach, the rapidly lightening sky, they all bode well for another perfect day in paradise.

The eastern skyline is an undecipherable jumble of mountain peak & everchanging cloud mass. As the Sun relentlessly climbs into the sky the infinite shades of grey on the horizon are transformed replaced instead by a myriad of pinks, purples and morning orange.

The summer sun rises far to the right this time of the year, behind the mountain. The winter sun rises behind Elsies. That’s an arc of about 40°! Unbelievable!

We’re in for a nice fresh SE’ly today, maybe 20kts or so, with bright, Sunny Summer Skies. the False Bay waters are still relatively flat but today’s south-easter will pack a punch. It’s already noticeable and after a few hours of this the bay will be wild and bumpy. Not the conditions the locals will choose for a day-sail. A morning like this is cold at sea. The pre-dawn watch, the cold wind-swept ocean, they leave a chill in the sailor’s bones that lingers long after the first cup of coffee and the sun’s first warming rays.

05:38 and the sun is peeking up over the mountain, like a child, standing on tippy-toes just managing to see over an obstacle. In an instant the cold, gray morning colours are magically transformed. With a snap of his fingers Old Man Sun has arrived. Hello day!!

Feb 252014

We all suffer, every day: worry, procrastination, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, irritated, angry, frustrated, wishing things were different, comparing ourselves to others, worried we’re missing out, wishing other people would be different, feeling offended, loneliness, fear of failure, not wanting to do something, wishing we had less fat or bigger boobs or bigger muscles, angry at being controlled, wanting to find the perfect someone, wishing our partner was more perfect, stressed about finances, not wanting to think about problems, not knowing how to fix things, uncertain about choices, rushing from one task to the next, not liking our jobs.

And yet, these problems are self-created.

They’re real, but our tricky minds have created them. The problems are in our heads, created by some ideal/fantasy/expectation of how we wished the world would be, or hope it will be but fear it won’t be. It exists in our heads.

Try this, for a minute: let all of that go for a moment, and just pay attention to the physical things around you right now. Your body, the light, sounds, the thing you’re sitting on, the things moving or sitting still around you. Don’t judge them against what they should be, but just observe what they actually are.

See this moment as it is, without all the things you’re worried/frustrated/angry about. Let go of all of those things, and just see this moment.

It is perfect, as it is.

Accept this moment. Cherish it. This is real, and it is wonderful.

You can go back to worrying about everything else in a moment.

So I’ll agree with this, but not in it’s entirety. It’s mostly true, most of the time, but not always. But it’s good to remind oneself that your response to what’s happening in a very large measure defines your present reality. Take a deep breath and make like a duck. Ignore what you can. Enjoy what you can. Put your back into working those things that need doing and cannot be changed in the short term.

And remember to live a little while you’re still alive !!

Feb 162014

A new car. Doesn’t have to be a new ‘new’ car, a new ‘old’ car will do. Again and again I battle the urge. There’s an A4 cabriolet. I want it. There’s a Jimny. I want it. A drop-top mini. I want it.

Best thing to do is stay out of the kitchen because I can’t seem to handle the heat.

It’s too soon says Sands. She’s right. Another 2 years and we’ll find Caz something small, cool and reliable. But now, it’s too soon.

R120k. That can buy something cool. It can also bring the debt under the 1Bar level. It can also buy quite a few trips down to the beach, as well as a gazillion hamburgers. And when you don’t have the cash under the mattress and you have no absolute need other than ‘want it’,  it it is really stupid. I would rather live in my beach-house, walk, run, ride and sail and have the time to enjoy these all rather than have a new toy.

And yet the desire still burns strong!?? A constant battle. I hope I don’t WILL NOT give in.

The ultimate reason, the reason I will not cave is the non-negotiable need to finally break these golden handcuffs, this corporate crap. 2018 was a date penciled in, although that may be too optimistic. 55 [or 2024] is the dream date, the year to cash in the RA’s, provident funds and life-savings and finally make the move. It’s already a stretch and buying another expensive toy at this stage of the game is going to threaten that big time.

No, I’ll stick with the plan thank you. Kill the debt, pump the RA’s and savings, survive the next decade and live life well [be happy, exercise, eat healthily, minimise stress and conflict] while we do it!

Remember: Freedom, Integrity, Tranquility ! Never cave in to Wooly Masses thinking and pressure. Never.