Nov 082017

24/7, 365 days a year. That appears to be the new regime’s expectation.
It doesn’t leave much time or energy to further life’s important goals.
It’s an important factor that needs to be considered in the “stay and suck it up” or “leave” debate.

Oct 222017

Markus awakes yet again to the cold sweat of fear.

He finds himself in a long, dark corridor, right at the very end. No matter which way he looks, he can perceive but two options.

Former colleagues, knives out and heads like snakes, block the return to a bright and cheery cubicle hell. Worse still, some advance with malicious intent.

At the dead end, a vast and intimidating fire escape door emblazoned with the words “Exit Only. No Return!”

Unable (or perhaps unwilling) to fight his way back to the light, Markus rests one trembling hand on the door release, sensing full well the turbulent vortex beyond, waiting to suck him out. Its a drastic move he now contemplates, with no turning back once it’s done.

The unknown looms fearfully on the other side. A drop to a grimy sidewalk eleven stories down? A sailboat voyage to tropical paradise? Or something unknown in between?

Uncertain and afraid, Markus pulls the covers up and returns to restless sleep, hoping with all his being the situation might resolve itself, but knowing full well that only he can change things by opening that damn door…….

Jan 222015
Sometimes I really strongly feel that we should fire certain customers. I’m in no way joking. If this were my business it would be so. But then it isn’t and so we must all continue to play the game as best we can.
There’s not much freedom in that! There’s no buffer, no space to breath. And so we feel constrained to chase every opportunity, to respond to every unfair customer accusation, to bend over backwards when we should actually be taking a firmer stance.
This is one of the reasons why I truly and honestly desire the freedom.
I’m so over all of this. Give me the freedom instead!
Jan 122015

Listening to one of the young ladies at lunch yesterday in a discussion about how she typically has work commitments during the weekends. “To be honest I get bored if I don’t have something to do” and so it’s OK, justified to herself.

Man. That is so far from where my mind is at these days.

Firstly, It means you don’t have a life outside work. The fact that you have nothing to do if you’re not working means you really haven’t a life, haven’t spent the time to understand yourself and find activities you feel are worth your energy. Secondly, you’ve made a pact with the devil to actually not use the spare to explore and discover, thus locking yourself into an endless cycle.

Work! Damn it. It’s easy to get used to the money but is it worth it?

I’m looking at this week and trying to find an evening when a visit to the boat would be possible. Nothing. Early morning meetings, late afternoon returns from site visits. The job has consumed my week before it’s even begun.

Mmmm! Keep working the plan!!

Jan 042015

New Year’s Resolutions – what a load of crap!

1 January is no different from any other day on the calendar. It’s an arbitrary division of time, artificially placed by a world system that has no physical significance or relevance.

The only difference is, most people have been forced by The Man to take some leave and without work in their lives they have nothing to fill the empty space between their ears and so they are forced to think of what dreams are important and so the resolve to …..!

Same thing with coming into the office on 5 January. I’m sooo looking forward to the handshakes and the ‘best wishes’. Crap man. Why not do that on 3 December or any other date for that matter.

Nothing’s different or new. It’s just more of the same Mr Sheep!

Feb 212014

We own you slave


and to make you feel a little better about the servitude, we’ll pay you a little each month. But, make no mistake, step out of line, cross us and we’ll send you packing. So, obey the rules little sheep and we’ll all get along fine.

Feb 192014

Complaining begets more complaints. Anger begets more anger. And optimism begets more optimism. – Sinek

And hard work, dedication and competence are rewarded financially [in my experience] if you are savvy enough understanding the rules and constraints of the corporate and it’s people. Well-timed career moves are vital to put your earnings at market levels, but too many well-timed moves will set you back and give you a reputation as a flight risk.

Bottom line is “Don’t just quit when the going gets rough”. You need to give anything enough time and effort to work through the inevitable teething pain. Once you have learned the organisation, the systems, the people and after a year or two still cannot get your head around them then, by all means move on.

But realise this – the grass next door is never greener or if it is it’s probably because of the large amount of manure there. If you aren’t happy where you are chances are good you will not be happy where you are going.

So, be 100% clear on why you are leaving and what you are moving toward. Then step out in faith !

So, that said, I can honestly say I gave the current gig a good push. But there were certainly 2 insurmountable issues that could not / would not change. One was a person, undermining my efforts and authority, the other a systems, policy issue that was set to rob me of a substantial portion of my income each month. So the decision was actually very easy once the alternative offer came through. No hesitation whatsoever.

Yet I remain totally clear – corporates are corporates with only one priority – themselves. The new gig will nto be all roses but the more time goes by, the shorter the term of pain that needs to be endured.

Bring on 55 , SR and FI !

Feb 162014

A new car. Doesn’t have to be a new ‘new’ car, a new ‘old’ car will do. Again and again I battle the urge. There’s an A4 cabriolet. I want it. There’s a Jimny. I want it. A drop-top mini. I want it.

Best thing to do is stay out of the kitchen because I can’t seem to handle the heat.

It’s too soon says Sands. She’s right. Another 2 years and we’ll find Caz something small, cool and reliable. But now, it’s too soon.

R120k. That can buy something cool. It can also bring the debt under the 1Bar level. It can also buy quite a few trips down to the beach, as well as a gazillion hamburgers. And when you don’t have the cash under the mattress and you have no absolute need other than ‘want it’,  it it is really stupid. I would rather live in my beach-house, walk, run, ride and sail and have the time to enjoy these all rather than have a new toy.

And yet the desire still burns strong!?? A constant battle. I hope I don’t WILL NOT give in.

The ultimate reason, the reason I will not cave is the non-negotiable need to finally break these golden handcuffs, this corporate crap. 2018 was a date penciled in, although that may be too optimistic. 55 [or 2024] is the dream date, the year to cash in the RA’s, provident funds and life-savings and finally make the move. It’s already a stretch and buying another expensive toy at this stage of the game is going to threaten that big time.

No, I’ll stick with the plan thank you. Kill the debt, pump the RA’s and savings, survive the next decade and live life well [be happy, exercise, eat healthily, minimise stress and conflict] while we do it!

Remember: Freedom, Integrity, Tranquility ! Never cave in to Wooly Masses thinking and pressure. Never.

Feb 052014

“I can’t believe that you would think you could be treated differently” is the incredulous outburst I receive when I kick back against the draconian car policy. “If I bend the rules for you, then I’d have to bend the rules for all and then what kind of a leader would I be?” Well all I can say is you don’t want my answer to that. ‘A leader is focused on his followers, whereas a lackey is solely tuned in to the bidding of his masters’ is all I can reply [although fortunately I don’t say it out loud and thus live to fight another day]

So bottom line, the corporate is insisting that I toe the line and be one of the sheep. The next step has been to ‘ask dad because mom said No!’ and the current investigation goes along the lines of ‘make sure I get my current nett salary out even if I take a fleet vehicle. Crazy, because that really is going to cost them whereas the relaxation on the policy will not add a cent to the bottom line CTC. Absolutely mind boggling.

The hard uncomfortable truth is – Corporates are inflexible, self-absorbed slave-drivers who only care about their profits and their rules to keep the slaves working and in line. But then I know that.

The hard uncomfortable truth is – me, myself and I, we are not woolly-masses corporate slaves. We may find ourselves in that environment and the delusional ‘powers-that-be’ may think they own us, but it isn’t so.

This all boils down to freedom. Freedom to accept this stinky situation and somehow still carry on. I’m embarrassed to know that it appears to be the bottom-line cash that is more important that anything else, or is it?

I’m resigned to the fact that this corporate slavery exists across the board. No matter where you go, each of them is a prescriptive, dogmatic dictator. I know I will be neither happier here nor there and so the decision is, while we have to, let’s make the most of it financially. It’s either that or step off today but I don’t feel we have enough to step off today. But it’s a fine line this bartering. You still need to work with the people after the negotiations are done, so gently, gently does it.