May 102016

I should like to run the old roads, past the old boy’s school thought Markus. And so he did, sort of, the body of old no longer a match for the old routes. As a compromise he went hard on the downhills, vowing to return to the former glory days.

Jul 092014

This has been one of those weeks sent straight from the depths of hell itself.

There has been the usual unpleasantness trying to get the entire crowd into the car.

Sunday night underneath the phsyco-tenant was painful. Abusive noise until the wee hours, all in an attempt to make our stay unbearable.

Monday night was a direct face-to-face, followed by an angry threatening visit. (Got that recorded for future use)

Tuesday night the Isuzu stood alone in Fishoek, unable to start.

Monday and Tuesday were busy, early ’til late, dealing with unhelpful agents, abusive tenants and signing up lawyers at some cost. The legal issues are only starting and the work needed to drive this thing forward is still going to take some time and effort this week.

But the tide seems to be turrning…….

We were lucky to fix the car ourselves for R95 this morning. That made life feel a little better. Last night was also better. At least there was no upstairs evil noise and we managed a full night’s sleep. And finally, five days after we left Jhb, Sands and I finally got a run together, even if only to go and find and fix the car.

It hasn’t been a holiday week and that’s for sure no maybe!

Sometimes it really seems that the universe is totally hell-bent on testing one’s limits. Everything, altogether, always. Never just one manageable problem at a time.

They say it’s how you respond that defines you. I don’t know about that. All I do know is that there’s nobody who will sort things out except yourself. You can sit back, swear, blame the world for being unfair. Or you can just keep slogging away at what needs doing.

Being accountable for your life and your actions is the ultimate freedom. Empowerment. Choose to take responsibility for life. That’s the only way we know how. That’s the only way we respect.

Not hoping to jinx things, but today has been better, more relaxed. Time for a walk on the beach with the pups. Right now, life is better. Let’s hope the rest of the week follows suit.

And sitting here, overlooking a gentle south-easterly rippled ocean, it’s worth the battle. This place is magic. It’s where we long to be. We can ride through the current challenges. This is going to all be worth it.

Feb 082014


If you aren’t happy with what you already have then what makes you think you will be happy with more?


It’s a beautiful False  Bay day!

Time to strap on the Nikes and hit the pavement.


That was a hard run, I’m tired.

Breakfast at Olympia Cafe with Sands. What a treat.

A snooze on the couch.

A trip to the beach to mourn the lack of a sailboat here.

Beautiful False Bay day !!

PS – I think there are two things necessary to live here – a sailboat and a motorcycle !!


Dec 272013

Thanks to the dogs I’m up with the sunrise today.They reckon they saw or smelled something outside and went crazy. At first I was inclined to be grumpy with them but now, watching the sky change from dark to sunny, I’m thinking they did me a favour.

The first hint of direct sunlight is kissing the upper rows of Glencairn Heights on what is yet another perfect morning by the beach. We don’t get to see the summer sunrise from the house but winter, where it really matters is going to be a different story altogether.

The list of jobs on the house is drawing to a close. Not so much that there is nothing left to do but because we’ve pegged our return for Monday and most of the critical “get it fixed for the tenants” issues are resolved. Hopefully Mainway will return today and complete the bath and shower by Saturday as planned and we should focus on the last big job – the curtain rails.

In a sense it hasn’t been much of a holiday – we’ve both been exhausted – but it has been a change and a first step forward to a new direction in life. Plus, I haven’t had a Jhb-Stress-Chest since we arrived here.

No sense in sitting on the couch admiring the day. Time to head out for a run !


Magic 35min run to Long Beach, Simon’s Town and a walk on the beach with Sand’s. Good start to the day!


Dec 232013

I reckon we would have had to fork out another 300 to 400k for the Glencairn place if it was in the condition we have it now – basically just a new coat of paint, cleaned plug covers etc.

But, we have worked very hard for more than a week now…

So hard in fact that the first beach-front run this morning was a slog. We’re both a little tired out at the moment !

Nov 132013

Weird thought you say, considering I’m only 45 at present.

Not so weird I say. Not if you want to live life deliberately and consciously.

So, assuming I’m blessed with making it to 70, here’s what it will look like:

  • I’ll be sailing, running, biking and kayaking with Sands regularly.
  • We’ll be living with a view, running a little self-built Small House B&B for non-Woolly Masses folk
  • We’ll still have regular and meaningful contact with B and Caz.
  • I’ll be enjoying the finest red’s the Cape has to offer, in moderation of course.
  • Life will be simple but meaningful. No TV, no consumerism.
  • We’ll have a gas stove, cooking fresh snoek, fresh salads and good homemade fare.
  • We’ll drive a beach buggy, topless.
  • We’ll be building a “tiny house” cabin on the back of the property

There are a couple of “heros” I’ve found that are worth modelling [some aspects of their lives at least]:

Nothing happens without a plan. Good habits and good health are essential to this future vision in the present. The habits formed today are the surest ‘certainty’ [if indeed there is such a thing in life] of giving that future a chance to happen. You don’t move it by the time 70 rolls around you’ve probably lost it.

Apr 212013

One of the pleasant aspects of how life with my wife has changed over the years is our mutual enjoyment of running. I’ve always been a runner but she has only become one since her early thirties. It’s a healthy outdoor activity that we regularly enjoy together. It’s a simple sport to enjoy, whether at home or travelling. It’s an efficient all-round work-out, especially if you have limited time. All you need are your running shoes and you’re set.

Yesterday was rainy, cold and miserable in Jo’burg. Today was beautiful, fresh and crisp and we got in a nice little run around the neighbourhood. Coming down Earnest Rd our chatter turned to how beautiful the morning was and how silly we both found society’s need for gym membership and wanting to run on a treadmill.

Yes, I’m amazed by the way the world works when it comes to exercise. It seems you’re not quite right in the head unless you join a gym and do your running with a crowd and blaring music. And wait. You must spend thousands on heart-rate monitors and running gear. And don’t forget the iPod pouches to allow music and entertainment if you ever do run outdoors, because, heaven-forbid you encounter those things called thoughts in your head while you’re out running.

It’s as if the world has forgotten how to enjoy life. There seems to be a belief that to achieve or enjoy anything you have to spend money.

Pure simple basic running in the outdoors! That’s my choice for health and fitness. For me, there is no such thing as “The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner”.

running free