Jan 222014

There is a lot of good kit out there these days! And a lot of exciting activities and adventures to be had.

Adventure Biking

Adventure Driving

Some choose the route of trying to cram as much of everything into life, ticking items off a to-do list. Others ‘specialise’ and focus on a few core activities. And some just never get past the arm-chair stage. And then there are the Joneses. You know, the guys who always have to have the best kit in the group and who want everyone to know it. They generally compensate for their inadequencies with cash.

In a time-scarce world of work and 2-week holiday’s a year, it’s easy to fall for the trap of advertising. That picture of a fully kitted 4×4 in the Namib, the GS1200 on a dusty track in the outback, the top-spec MTB climbing a forest trail…..you desperately want to be there, to do that and so the temptation is to buy the kit, to get ready, to be prepared. Then, maybe, just maybe, you get to be there – maybe just once or twice. But then, for the rest of life, the kit goes into storage gathering dust.

For me the key is to focus on the few activities and adventures that are really important .. important to me. The yacht, while not new, flashy or lavishly kitted out is seaworthy. The 4×4 truck is not decked out with all the gear but is capable. The MTB and shoes are old but still serviceable and the ZR7, while not top of the range, is still a blast to ride and a traffic-killer. And without time all of this is enough.

Top priority in life is to now engineer some time !

May 082011

The world is after the secret. They want the template, the checksheet, the 10-point list. They want to follow the recipe and have the good things in life fall into their laps……!

They don’t want to hear that it doesn’t work that way, that it takes hard work and that success is not guaranteed.

Marketing reality is a lot harder than marketing dreams!

Mar 312011

The web! A medium for communication, marketing and scam-artists!

– It’s a grand communications, networking and marketing tool.

– It has no value other than this!

and there seem to be a million and one ‘pyramid’ schemes selling the location-independant, quit-your-boring-PM-job-I’ve-done-it-I’ll-show-you-how blogs out there. it’s one thing to add value to the universe. it’s quite another to escape from the cubicle and then peddle your I’ve-escaped-I’ll-show-you-how wares back to the other cubicle-prisoners. i don’t think that you’re being honest if you do that! there is not much chance of getting rich quick and without a lot of hard graft. unfortunately there seem to be a huge number of people out there seeking, desperately searching for the magic bullet. and they are easy prey to the get-rich-quick hucksters. i guess it all boils down to personal preference, standards if you will.

you can make a living, even a great living but it’s going to take effort.

or am I missing something?