Dec 232014

Awesome morning spent paddling out to Boulders. Sitting having coffee at Bertha’s and watching the tourists head out on the same route just as the NW’ly was starting up. Sorry for them on the paddle back home! I’m really going to have to spring for a rudder on the Green Kayak. Without it the going in the wind and swell is very difficult!


May 042014

We really enjoyed using the kayaks this holiday. It’s a huge pleasure to be out on the water rather than ashore, staring at those who are and wishing.

Notable sightings were a Cape Fur Seal, a humongous jelly fish and about 12 Miuras.

The Miura, low and wide in the water, looks ready to take on just about anything the Cape Doctor can throw her way. Can’t wait to move Ocean Blue!

There are a couple out on the swing moorings that have become half-tide reefs, not moving for years. Was just thinking aloud to Brad – there are some opportunities there to pick up a sweet little boat for 40-50k, put in a year or two of sweat and flip them for 150-160k.

Same with houses. Buy a total wreck in and up-market neighbourhood, live and work there for a year or two while repairing and then flip. Sounds like a good, honest plan to me.