Jan 012018

Depending on the flock you listen to, breaking free from the corporate cubicle to self employment and entrepreneurship is the only viable path to wealth and contentment.

Speaking with those that have done it solicits the common response “It’s hard work but I should have done it years ago. Don’t be afraid. Just do it. you wont be sorry”.

So I’m thinking – I have always been “self employed”. No, not by the Woolly Masses definition, but certainly by my own. Up until 2017.12.31 it has just happened to be “self-employed” within a corporate framework. I have had bosses and customers, just like a consultant or one-man business. Everyone answers to someone whether a boss, a customer, a shareholder. No one escapes that, not if you want people to pay you.

That said, it’s still a major shift in direction that this beautiful first morning of 2018 has brought. From today, I really am “self employed” by everyone’s definition of the word.

Let the Funemployment begin!

Mar 132014

What a crock of shit !

REAL Entrepreneur


So – I’m not a REAL person if I don’t have your misguided sense of being. Not a REAL sailor because I haven’t doubled the Horn. Not a REAL success because I don’t have a career plan. Not a REAL runner because I don’t have 15 Two Ocean’s behind me.

Pha-leeeeese ! Get a life dude. ‘Nuff said !