Sep 252016

I think down in the peninsular this would have started some conversations, gotten some positive comment. Up here in Jhb ….. nothing. Stony silence and cold shoulders. But I care not. Dead-cool way to get to the store and forage for supper.

Expressway Shopping

Expressway Shopping

Life continues to proceed in a series of stops and starts. Anyone looking in and observing Cottage-253 or sailing ‘Blue may well conclude that life has stalled, that the dream is quashed. Nothing could be further from the truth. The dream remains vibrant and strong and, while progress is a little slow at present, it’s still moving forward.


May 132014

Yesterday I gave the ‘car-free’ life a good go but I must admit, I honestly don’t know if living without a car here is desirable.

Sure, I’ll agree, it’s doable, but is it desirable?

Yesterday was a wet, wet day on the Peninsular and the walk to Fish Hoek from Glencairn seemed to take forever. My mission – buy some slime for the MTB wheels. Maybe I should have taken the bicycle. That would have been quicker.

What was knocked off in a 20 minute run earlier the same¬†morning takes eons longer when you’re walking.

Sam’s reply: ‘It’s all in your head’ is true, but it’s still hard to think of the limited time here and to be using up half a day finding slime seems somehow wasteful.

In the end, instead of walking back, I caught the train. The late afternoon saw me exhausted. Maybe it will be different when I really have time?