Dec 312017

The goal oriented, forward looking, growth mentality of the modern world is a two-edged sword me thinks.

Yes, I enjoy the marvels of the modern world. Technological advances mean we have the potential to a quality of life so far removed from a hundred, even fifty years back, it’s just astounding.

But I don’t know if we’ve handled it too well as a species. We seem to always be looking to tomorrow, planning the next big thing, all the while neglecting to really live and enjoy today. The electronic toy we buy today is obsolete tomorrow and the landfill bursts to overflowing with perfectly functional machines, discarded in the rush for the next big thing.

Perhaps, without that drive, we wouldn’t have the marvels we have today? Perhaps, without the endless stream of new and improved gadgets and the consumer mentality fueling their production, we would be back fifty years? Who knows?

The trick is, I think, to not get caught up in the endless bigger, faster, more mentality by default. It’s fine to desire and acquire cool toys – if you put them to productive use. At least that’s my take on things.

But also remember that the more you take on in life, the more you have to maintain – both physically and emotionally. That on it’s own is enough reason to strive for simplicity in all things.


May 022015

For better or worse we’ve chosen the old car route and so, as the Alfa’s door panel covering starts to disintegrate we have some decisions to make. Either we sink to the level of the surrounding masses and drive a crappy looking car or else we do something. Yip, you guessed it – we’ve decided to rather do something.

As with most things in life nothing is straight forward and in separating the panels we’ve ended up creating more work for ourselves. Somehow the fabric insert panel was “riveted” to the main panel during the manufacturing process. Now we have two distinct pieces on our hands and will need to devise a plan to join them again when this is all over and done.

Material Inserts parting from the doors

Material Inserts parting from the doors

The Starboard door is barely hanging in there

The Starboard door is barely hanging in there

The port door panel removed

The port door panel removed

Some funky new red "leather"

Some funky new red “leather”

The port door setting under pressure

The port door setting under pressure

Perhaps the starboard door should be done in Green leather ??

Finally, after plugging away over a period of a few weeks the job is done!

The starboard door - red after all

The starboard door – red after all

Jun 022014

There’s a long-standing problem with Ocean Blue. She’s a beautiful boat, don’t get me wrong but, like all boats, she has her flaws.

The flaw to which I am referring – “She has no secure spot to put your beer can or wine glass while doing that sunset cruise.”

Enough! I have to devise a plan!

So, into the car and down to the boat we nip to take some quick [not so quick if you consider it’s a 220km round trip] measurements. (Note to self – time to move myself and the boat closer together!)

Universal drinks holder concept

I’m confident that idea will woork well, nestled in the aft cockpit. And all the bits and pieces needed are already either on board or in the workshop. It’s a plan!

Universal drinks holder install

Some more external wood to varnish. Whoopee!



Mar 082014

PhotoGrid_1394287142331 resize

The new oars are finally ready to leave in the tender at the water’s edge. Now I literally only need to grab the yacht keys and head for the water.


It’s amazing – doing even the tiniest of jobs is a great motivator. Way better than the couch.

It’s certainly taken a while to get 10dDA2 repaired and back in the water after “The Fiasco” but then again, there has been no real rush because Tenderfoot was pressed back into service. Sometimes redundancy is a good thing, although it doesn’t really make economic sense considering the reliability of modern machines.

Anyhow, nice to finally get the project finished !

Mar 042014

If you feel a surge of excitement right now, good. But don’t think that feeling is
the feeling of something changing. That’s the curse of the self-help junkie:
medicating himself on inspiration so that he’s no longer upset enough to want
to change anything.- David Cain

Th trick is to find a balance [as with all things in life] between introspection and action. But we humans are wired for comfort, wired to take the easy way out. Unless we make an effort to get off the couch we’ll suddenly wake and find a lifetime has passed and we’re just an older, flabbier version of the couch potatoe from a lifetime ago.

Today is the only life we have. If what you do today doesn’t add to your present and future well-being then you’re doing something wrong!

Dec 232013

I reckon we would have had to fork out another 300 to 400k for the Glencairn place if it was in the condition we have it now – basically just a new coat of paint, cleaned plug covers etc.

But, we have worked very hard for more than a week now…

So hard in fact that the first beach-front run this morning was a slog. We’re both a little tired out at the moment !

Oct 272013

Simple. Taking action!

Not so simple – Knowing exactly what SUCCESS means for you as an individual!

Success – the ability to take continuous small action, enduring short term pain now, for an unpredictable outcome in the future. If you want absolute clarity on the future goal and refuse to start until you do, then you will never achieve anything. Most times you have to accept the grey, know the general direction you want to go and then start walking.

And often times, the grey and fuzzy goal is far into the future. So far sometimes that it’s tempting to give up the long term and settle for the short term. The single most important destroyer of success – Immediate Gratification.

Aug 102013

Dreaming and planning definitely have their place in life.

But, if that’s all you ever do, then you’ll never achieve anything but …well, dreaming and planning.

That’s why it’s important to get off the couch and do. Anything, no matter how small, in the direction of your dreams, repeated enough times is what actually makes the dream materialise.

To break bad habits is a little harder. Here you don’t need to take small actions, you actually need to stop taking them and that’s actually harder to do than get off the couch. Best way I guess is to replace them with something else more positive and do that instead ?

Jun 022013

I’ve bought another A4 sketchpad and am trying to draw, frustrated when I don’t turn out a masterpiece. I toss the pencil down, disgusted, ready to admit defeat.


That’s typical of life in general isn’t it? We want the results but are too lazy to put in the work required. Nothing, absolutely nothing worth doing in life just happens. It all takes effort and hard, ongoing work.

And the most difficult thing often is merely to start. It’s easier to dream about it, theorise about it, fantasize about it. Not so easy to get off the couch and actually start doing something.

“But…” I hear you say. “I’m not sure if it will be right, the correct choice, the correct action?”

That’s part of the problem, that attitude. No-one knows. Anyone who says they do are kidding themselves. You’re living in a river in Egypt if you think you have full and ultimate control on how your life turns out.

So, really, you see, that’s not the point. The point is to get off the couch and commit to something. Take action and keep plugging away. it’s in the doing that satisfaction is found, more so that some dubious end goal somewhere out there that you don’t control anyway.


And so, kind of to prove a point to everyone (and myself), Ive spent the morning cutting, sanding and shaping some pieces of wood for a new galley shelf. Nothing earth-shattering or profound, but just a small amount of work that needed doing. And you know what. It really works. There’s a sense of accomplishment associated with working with one’s hands and turning out something as simple as a galley shelf.

OB Galley Shelf