Apr 152016

Adventure bikes. Once again my brain under the misconception that I don’t “adventure” out because I dont have an “adventure” bike in the stable.

The life one observes out there sometimes seems a lot like that, especially true of me sometimes, but it’s totally bogus. The reason we don’t venture out is because it’s a little bit hard, a little bit uncomfortable. Having some cool (read very expensive) new toys may well propagate an ”adventure” or two in the short term, but once the honeymoon period is over all that normally remains is remorse, bills and clutter.

The ZR7 is not ideal. But then I truly believe all bikes are a compromise, a little like sailboats. There is absolutely no reason I couldn’t do the CT run on the Kawa. No reason at all other than I fear the uncomfortable numbness!

This is a recurring thought pattern in my life, this justifying. Fortunately I’m at a stage where I finally realise the folly of this this pattern. It’s not the adventure bike I’m after but rather the adventure itself. And even then, sometimes I fear it’s not even the adventure that I’m after but rather just on escape from this miserably monotonous daily corporate grind.

The plan just can’t happen soon enough at this stage!

Feb 132016

I’ll admit to taking some strain being without my girls this last few weeks. It’s plain-and-simple loneliness.

One would think it best to get stuck into a project or something but my motivation levels have been rock-bottom.

As usual, when I feel this way, cabin fever has me pacing the shopping malls. I already know I’ ll find nothing of value to me there and yet I do it anyway.

At every window there is media depicting people living the good life. Happy, smiling, fit and tanned specimens all screaming how you too can have this good life….but you ‘ll need this action camera, this outfit, this expensive piece of tech gear to do so.

It’s all marketing BS.

You don’t buy the stuff to make you a surfer, a sailor, a runner. No. You get out there and you just surf/sail/run. You do the activity, you don’t accessorise. You’re a runner by virtue of the fact that you run, not because you wear some ridiculously expensive gadget.

Writers write. Sailors sail. Runners run.

Stop theorising about who you are and what you want,

Do it.

Mar 122014

Running a very close second to overwork & stress must be boredom.

As I work out my month’s notice period I am noticing the odd moments of frustration. What is this all about? After all, I no longer have the same levels of urgency and stress from the workload? It’s not that I don’t care professionally, it’s just that it really is no longer my problem and I’m unconcerned about the outcomes. So, this must be something else then?

While the work situation itself has ‘changed’. life surrounding work hasn’t – the daily commute, the long hours indoors behind a desk, the same-old-same-old of the daily grind. Those are all still there. So maybe these feelings arise there then?

I’m not overly blessed with the ability to endure the same day, day after day, month after month. Variety is a necessity. What makes that even worse is enduring the same day 100x over while shackled to the desk [and certainly in the last 2 weeks, the car because of the weather].

Time to mix it up a bit. Even thought the sun is nowhere to be seen and the forecast is 80% for rain, today is a bike day. And next week is a long-weekend break for Sands and me in Glencairn. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll go visit the yacht and see if she’s still afloat sometime this week.

No reason for boredom in my life. There’s more than enough useful things to focus on!