Dec 212016

Living NOW, safely ensconced in the “comfort zone”, the familiar is sometimes ok, sometimes comfortable. Always hard work.  Sometimes a white-knuckle hanging on for dear life.

But NOW never lasts forever. Even NOW needs to be maintained, otherwise you fall off.

And after a while it always gets to the point of “NOW has served it’s purpose”.

When that happens it’s seriously time to start thinking about the leap to the NEXT CHAPTER.


Life is like a trapeze

The SAFETY NET is primarily the stash of $$, but not exclusively so. It’s also knowledge, ability, willingness to work hard. The real question is knowing when the SAFETY NET is strong enough? You can work for years, building extra strength into the net, running scenarios, planning, planning, planning and then find you’ve run out of time and opportunities to write the NEXT CHAPTER.

The NEXT CHAPTER can be likened to the strategies shown in the image below.

Climbing the mountain of life

The STRATEGY of working the corporate gig, the NOW, has served it’s purpose. It’s time to take the leap to STRATEGY number two.

And that involves a leap of faith. For a moment there, leaping will mean zero hand-holds, the potential to free-fall to our deaths if the SAFETY NET isn’t strong enough……

The FEAR and questioning of whether the NEXT CHAPTER trapeze will be there when we need it is very real. Leaving the relative comfort of NOW, even if it is a white-knuckle death-grip, is hard. NOW is relatively certain, relatively secure. The NEXT CHAPTER cannot really be seen too clearly through the fog of uncertainty. Will the trapeze be there before we fall to our death below? Will we have the ability to grab it if it is? If we fall, will our safety net bounce us back up to another trapeze that we haven’t even seen in the fog?

Exciting and uncertain times for sure!

Nov 162013

If you could have the choice between having your walls filled with “world-class framed-and-famed art” and “windows with a view”, which would it be?

Living Art

Living Art
False Bay Sunrise

False Bay Sunrise

I know what I’d choose .. !