Jan 222014

There is a lot of good kit out there these days! And a lot of exciting activities and adventures to be had.

Adventure Biking

Adventure Driving

Some choose the route of trying to cram as much of everything into life, ticking items off a to-do list. Others ‘specialise’ and focus on a few core activities. And some just never get past the arm-chair stage. And then there are the Joneses. You know, the guys who always have to have the best kit in the group and who want everyone to know it. They generally compensate for their inadequencies with cash.

In a time-scarce world of work and 2-week holiday’s a year, it’s easy to fall for the trap of advertising. That picture of a fully kitted 4×4 in the Namib, the GS1200 on a dusty track in the outback, the top-spec MTB climbing a forest trail…..you desperately want to be there, to do that and so the temptation is to buy the kit, to get ready, to be prepared. Then, maybe, just maybe, you get to be there – maybe just once or twice. But then, for the rest of life, the kit goes into storage gathering dust.

For me the key is to focus on the few activities and adventures that are really important .. important to me. The yacht, while not new, flashy or lavishly kitted out is seaworthy. The 4×4 truck is not decked out with all the gear but is capable. The MTB and shoes are old but still serviceable and the ZR7, while not top of the range, is still a blast to ride and a traffic-killer. And without time all of this is enough.

Top priority in life is to now engineer some time !

Apr 222013

I noticed this billboard at Bruma a while back. Anyone who is familiar with Africa and state of both roads and vehicles should get the irony of this …….

dangerous bus

As I head out onto the N3 this chilly, 6-degree April morning I’m thankful that there’s a bus-drivers strike on the go. I may just avoid the bus and make it in to the office!

Apr 212013

In this day and age it seems almost everyone has a website or a blog and, seduced by the promise of easy money online, many are adding advertising links to their sites. This is all good and well, except that the normal way to do this is to quickly slap in a Google-Ads widget into your WordPress framework and let Google decide on matching relevant ads with your content.

This can end up being ‘dangerous’ as the following examples illustrate:

  • A “Live Debt-Free” blog had the following banner ad on the title page

Debt Free


  • A Christian living blog dealt up the following moral paradox:




It’s good to know what you stand for and what message you’re sending out to the world. After all, ‘Integrity’ at it’s most basic is about living your core beliefs and presenting the “real you” to the world.

So, if the “real you” is duplicitous or shady or deceitful or just plain doesn’t care, then I guess the above are probably lost on you. For me, I’d like to control my communication to the world, not to show a facade to hide what I really think and which I hope will will keep me ‘safe’ out there.

Nope. Key to integrity is honesty and transparency. There will be no random, 3rd-party selected banner ads for me unless I personally control/approve the selection and content.