Feb 272014

It’s politically correct for corporates to encourage the sheep to document and file development plans. Designed by some back-office HR dweeb, they supposedly show you that the company is interested in you and your growth.

The standard question, both in interviews and annual reviews – “Where do you see yourself in the short to medium term?” And of course the answer, in general, is just what they want to hear, something like “I want to be the boss” or “I want to be a better sheep“. It then gets filed away in the dusty, digital archives only to be pulled out a year later and used as a measure of whether you progressed during the year or not.

At my most recent interview my half-truthful answer to the question was: “I don’t know. I just want to do my current role well“. It’s half true because I know exactly what my medium term goals are. It’s just that I don’t think they want to know.

The Goal!

While there is still life in the present:

Maximise my income,

Minimise my stress,

Live a little more,

With the ultimate goal of:

Cashing in my chips age 55 [2024 AD], living by the beach, cruising my sailboat in the bay and working a flexible 20-30hr week.

Will it be easy? No! Will it be certain? No! Will it be worthwhile? Definitely. I don’t exactly know how but I am resolved and if there is one characteristic of mine that will see this through to fruition it’s that of “I do what I say!” And so I’m putting this out there. Firstly to cement the dream in my mind and secondly to tell the world “this is how it shall be“.

No one has ever accused me of being P.C. and I’m not about to start now. So in answer to the question “What are your career goals?” I say “Roll on 2024!”

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