Dec 052015

Scapegoats, excuses, justifications.

It seems the world, and indeed South African society in particular, is all about the blame game.

20 years on and it’s still Verwoerd’s fault. It’s still my fault because my skin is white.

I’ve unjustly benefitted because of my “priviledged” background and so I must pay, in spades.

It matters not that the BigMan of the moment and his regime are actually the one’s to blame for the current state of the nation. No. All that matters is that his minions believe it’s still my fault.

This sorry state of affairs goes far wider than just South Africa. Look at America, it’s allies and the Terrorist State. Everywhere one looks there is trauma, bloodshed, self interest and resultant anguish.

Those in power fight their battles and the little people, black, white, yellow – it’s we who are left with the short straw. It’s we who suffer on the ground, live the effects of corruption, of violence, of self-serving corporates and governments.

We live in a world that has always been so – violent, peaceful, beautiful, filthy, corrupt, upstanding,  inspiring, depressing, greedy, benevolent, self-serving, charitable. It’s a world of stark contrast, of vastly differing beliefs and morals, of sublime happiness, of extreme pain.

It’s the way of the world and no matter how we lament the good or the bad of it, it’s ultimately out of our tiny circle of influence – BigMan or Small.

How we experience the world ultimately boils down to how we decide we will.

People generally appear to be self-serving bigots and racists – anything to further their own personal agendas. Some do it on a small scale – one-man-against-the-world style. Others do it on a macro scale – Mr Big and his political party, dictator of the world.

Why are the Wooly Masses so gullible, so blind? Why do they keep the BigMan in power? Why do they tolerate bigotry? Why do they not embrace each other as all part of the same species?

I cannot explain it. I cannot tolerate or change it. The best I can do is try and insulate myself from it. And yet it affects me all the same…..

And, as a result, I’ve resolve to set up my life to be as independant of it as possible. To keep a sea-ready sailboat, an inter-contenental escape-pod, ready to flee….. to flee…….but to where? Somehow I’m starting to identify more and more with Moitessier, despite his faults and lack of personal commitment.


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