Jun 282014

Different strokes, different folks I guess.
I’m not much of a “bucket-list” fan.Sure, there are some things I am working toward, hoping to do, but I don’t have a list of 1001+ things to do before I die. That’s just not me.
I can understand why people do it. Awesome places to visit, exciting things to do. You put it on a list and hope to achieve it all before you die.
In a sense I see “bucket-list” people as the kind that want to experience a little of a lot without really committing to excellence in any one area.Nothing wrong with that but it’s not really me.
I’m more of a keep life simple, focus on few important things and make them count. After all, you can probably have anything you want badly enough, but it’s a given – you cannot have everything you want.
So my approach to life has been to focus and dedicate myself to the few things that are very important to me, that bring the most enjoyment; my family, sailing, running, our homes. To a large extent everything else has been secondary to that for the last 18 years with the kids in the house.
Now that the children are approaching the “leaving home stage” there is a lot more freedom looming. But I don’t think we’ll change the formula. What we currently have is pretty much what makes us happy.

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