Nov 162013

I can feel the SNAP coming ! And I seem powerless to stop it. Hope I can get off the hamster wheel gracefully and in time !?

Work, work, work. The pressure is endless. Insanity. The world works all the time to fund their lifestyles and toys, spending the majority of time away from family, friends and the things that they say are important to them. Working for the man, easing the pain by shopping and a miserable 4wk’s of leave a year, a 4 week peek [if you’re lucky] of how life is truly meant to be.

There is no way to work yourself out of work. The only way is to quit, to walk away, to make a clean break …. !

The breaking point between what was and what is to be doesn’t happen on it’s own. Lets hope it happens because of a PLAN rather than a SNAP.


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