Apr 242013

I’ve never been overly impressed by the bigger is better mindset. Bigger cars, bigger houses, bigger boats, bigger corporates, bigger renumeration packages.

It’s important to realise that all things bigger come with tradeoffs. A bigger career means bigger investment of yourself and your time for family, community and leisure. A bigger disposable income, while not bad of itself, has the potential of insulating you from life.

This is particularly prevalent in the financial and business world. “We do revenues of $Gazillion and next year we’ll be a gazillion +” is a common thread of discussion, used by the higher-ups in the corporate world and often seen by them as a motivator. The theory is “Be motivated, we’re too big to fail”. Yeah right!

Same goes for the way the woolly masses live their lives in general. Faster, more expensive cars, bigger houses, bigger yachts.

That’s all fine for them, but it’s not for me. I’m not an advocate for poverty. I like my toys and a little bit of comfort but the excessive consumer spending, instant have-it-now mentality and an overwhelming ‘live it up now because tomorrow never comes’ mentality is not for me.

It’s a very personal matter that each human needs to define for themselves. Failing to consciously do so is a danger not seen or understood.

Enough - from the classic 'Money or your Life' by Dominguez & Robbins

Enough – from the classic ‘Money or your Life’ by Dominguez & Robbins

If you don’t take the time to define ‘ENOUGH’ – enough money, enough debt, enough social interaction, enough free time, enough work, enough stuff, enough exercise, enough growth, <…> – then how do you live your own free life?

After all, one man only needs one bed, one chair, one yacht, <….> – Everything else has the potential to turn comfort into luxury and luxury has the potential of insulating you from life and the things that truly matter. Where is your ‘ENOUGH’?

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