Oct 292013

The truly satisfying engineering projects seem to be all-consuming, requiring all of one’s time, energy and thoughts, 24/7.

The challenge of encountering obstacles and solving them certainly delivers a certain sense of satisfaction.

But [and there’s always a but isn’t there…?]

In this game it’s never just one project. It ends up being each and every single one and when next you blink, the kids are grown, the wife is gone and the boat lies barnacled and rotten in her slip.

It’s a little easier for me at this stage of life since the kids are pretty much [almost] grown but looking at the pressure I have put on WJ with his 2-year-old, I have to wonder why we let that challenge run away with us sometimes.

JM once postulated that maybe balance in the moment was not the point, that maybe overall life balance works over a greater length of time? I’m not so sure I agree.  Or maybe I do and it’s just the ‘balance-timeframe’ that is unclear?

Anyhow, a long time ago, still fresh in my career, I made some decisions to leave behind the engineering challenges for the more predictable life of a PM and to sleep at home most nights. Good choice? Yes I think so.

I have enjoyed the new challenges of late and I am glad I’m not 25, eager and ready to prove myself anymore because the current projects have the capacity to take me back to those 24/7 days of project stress.

Considering that there are more important things than the job, I do what I can and then try and switch off…which is not working so well the last 3-4 days. I know what’s needed…some time in the solitude of a quiet anchorage with a gentle breeze rippling the bay and the sound of the Fish Eagle in the distance !


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