Sep 182013

I’m still [many weeks later] wading my way through “Ascent of Humanity”. At times it’s been a pleasant challenging read. At others it’s been pure challenge. I’ve found myself in agreement with much of his criticism of the current world order but sadly am not finding his suggestions for a new world at all practical. Granted, I haven’t yet finished the read, so there may be more, but the changes he envisages so far all require a collective, societal change from “me, me, me” to “us, us, us”. Frankly I don’t ever see that happening.

The underlying premise – man is not inherently bad, it’s the the way the (money) system is that brings out the bad in him. Drawing on references to primitive, tribal cultures, he argues that after “the collapse” we will all somehow realise the error of our previous ways and return to something akin to the barter system, tribal societal values and a gift economy.

I can’t see that happening!

As a personal philosophy, as a way of life on the fringes, yes it could work. But on a world-wide scale? Man is inherently too greedy, too power-mad, too selfish.

All interesting food for thought. For me, the goal is to live well on the fringes, out of the mainstream [whatever that happens to be at the time]. It’s not about being different for the sake of it. It’s about being conscious of they way you live and the choices you make.

Freedom is not found in the mainstream. The chance of freedom is better on the fringe, wherever that happens to be….

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