Oct 182015

Another step closer to being far, far away…!

2015.10.18 Ocean Blue

2015.10.18 Ocean Blue

The good ship Ocean Blue is now on the hard, ready for some drying out, de-blistering and several jobs geared toward the ocean. The dropping Vaal water level and the lack of time at present helped the decision to slip her.

As suspected, the dear old lady has a slight attack of the ‘pox’ [osmosis] but nothing too bad and certainly worth salvaging. The plan is to let her dry out for a couple of months, put on a decent barrier coat and then antifoul. Redo the halyards, add mast steps, maybe redo the standing rigging?

Then to decide where she next get launched – Vaal or False Bay ?

The Cliff’s Cruise on Strider this week was a double bonus. Good time spent with long-lost old friends and a Christmas-in-October gift frenzy. Smee kindly donated several navigation tools/aids [including a Plastimo sextant – bonus dude] and a foot-operated sea water pump.


Sailing out of PNYC and looking over my old friend Sole sUrchin was a little heart breaking. She’s in a sorry state and looking scrappy and neglected. Sad. Half had the though to make an offer and buy her back – but that ship has sailed, life has moved on and it’s time to focus all efforts on making the move down south.

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