May 192014

The old guy, the invalid, sitting in his wheelchair in the bus stop, piled up high in blankets. He couldn’t have done that himself. That means somebody had abandoned him there? That image is haunting me this morning. So much sorrow and hardship in this world and I have the gall to be dissatisfied with my luxurious royal life.

With so much need in the world, so much need right here on my doorstep, it’s hard to keep up. At every traffic light a beggar. How does one distinguish between the truly needy and the “give-me’s”? The “give-Me’s”. My word, I dislike the “Give Me’s”.

The tragedy and suffering touches even Brad, at the level of his friends. Broken families who have walked out on their teenage kids, leaving them to fend for themselves. Every now and again he notices and acknowledges the good life we live, the good life he lives.

But¬†living in Jhb is making me cynical, hard and bitter. no, it already has. “City of Johannesburg, a world class African Shitty” !! Where everyone is on their own mission to enrich themselves and to hell with the impact on those around them. The neighbour’s gardener: “Eish. Sorrreee. I deedint know these was a house” while he’s taking a chance and dumping rubbish over the fence. The state hospital that is Jhb Gen. What a crock of shit. The missing manhole covers that have been that way for years. The ruling class and their million rand Range Rovers……!

And in the midst of all this it is possible to live a good life, but at what cost? It’s pretty much worn me out and, no matter the financial sacrifices needed, a move is on the cards and imminent.

But in the meantime it’s important to remain compassionate and charitable. The need on the streets is real and overwhelming. One can’t change the world overnight but you certainly can make a difference in one person’s life today.


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