Oct 302012

I appear to still be on Toronto-time and rather than lie awake in bed hoping for sleep I’ve been thinking of how best to replace the cracked and crazed Perspex windows on Sole sUrchin. The obvious choice is to simply have new one’s cut to the same size and specification as the old and do a 1:1 replacement. However, I don’t think that’s a workable long-term solution. The differing expansion rates between the fibreglass deck and the window will, in the long run, have the cracks reappearing. Plus, there’s the challenge of finding a supplier that will cut the material to size as well as drill the thousand and one holes around the perimeter without damaging the sheet.

One plan that’s been bouncing around in my thoughts has been to totally glass in the window openings and to install proper opening ports, but this is an expensive solution. Aesthetically though, it may be the better way to go – as long as I can get the gel-coat and join to look pleasing.

But, I’ve been considering the following option as well.

If it works on the canopy of my bakkie, well, then why shouldn’t it work on the yacht !? There are also several advantages I can think of in going this route:

  • Easy to make a template and source a single-cut piece of plexiglass/perspex/lexan.
  • No drilling, no screws, nuts, bolts.
  • Should be easy to install.

So, what am I missing ? Do you think it will work ?

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