Dec 062015

Late October! That’s when ‘Blue was slipped.

I haven’t visited for 2 wks now, the last 2 weekends being spent on the cottage, but I suspect no progress has been made.

Part of me is frustrated by that, the part that wants to phone up the boatyard manager and give him a piece of my mind, the part of me that wants my boat back, that wants to sail.

The logical, more practical part of me, knows that the delay is for the better.

Firstly, to properly repair the minor case of osmosis requires a proper drying out of the hull. The drier the better! And the only way to ensure that is to allow sufficient time out of the water.

Secondly, there’s the small matter of finance. Top priority for 2016 remains UCT fees. So, should the road voyage to Simons Town be delayed, it will at least allow the cash haemorage to stabilise, for us to see where we stand on that score at least.

It seems the dream, while very much still alive, may yet take a while.

Perhaps I should buy a road trailer for the LJ Sprint and at least get sailing in the interim?

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