Jun 022013

I’ve bought another A4 sketchpad and am trying to draw, frustrated when I don’t turn out a masterpiece. I toss the pencil down, disgusted, ready to admit defeat.


That’s typical of life in general isn’t it? We want the results but are too lazy to put in the work required. Nothing, absolutely nothing worth doing in life just happens. It all takes effort and hard, ongoing work.

And the most difficult thing often is merely to start. It’s easier to dream about it, theorise about it, fantasize about it. Not so easy to get off the couch and actually start doing something.

“But…” I hear you say. “I’m not sure if it will be right, the correct choice, the correct action?”

That’s part of the problem, that attitude. No-one knows. Anyone who says they do are kidding themselves. You’re living in a river in Egypt if you think you have full and ultimate control on how your life turns out.

So, really, you see, that’s not the point. The point is to get off the couch and commit to something. Take action and keep plugging away. it’s in the doing that satisfaction is found, more so that some dubious end goal somewhere out there that you don’t control anyway.


And so, kind of to prove a point to everyone (and myself), Ive spent the morning cutting, sanding and shaping some pieces of wood for a new galley shelf. Nothing earth-shattering or profound, but just a small amount of work that needed doing. And you know what. It really works. There’s a sense of accomplishment associated with working with one’s hands and turning out something as simple as a galley shelf.

OB Galley Shelf


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