Dec 042008

Was just thinking this morning – one can learn a lot of life lessons from sailing. On a small yacht, setting out into the unknown, you prepare for the anticipated knocks as best you can. Then you set sail and take it on the chin, adapting your approach as circumstances change. Just imagine beam-reaching on a calm, flat sea, the sun shining, a perfect sailing day. One constantly checks the wind speed and direction and trims the sails accordingly. Then, as the afternoon squalls loom ominously on the near horizon, one has to make a decision, push on with full sail or set a cautionary reef? It’s tiring work trimming, reefing, shaking out, battling for progress “uphill” sometimes. However, it’s not all bad and there are rewards. Certainly at the end, but also on the journey.

So, no matter what the uncertainty in these crazy economic times, it’s no more difficult than a good challenging sail. Just adjust your sails and weather the wind-shifts as they come and definitely take time to enjoy the beam-reach while it lasts. When the rough spots arrive, reef, or worse yet, heave to and slam shut the hatch. The squalls will soon pass – nothing lasts forever and the sunshine after the storm is always sparkling, cheery and bright.

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